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Brass Electronics Components

Ashish Enterprise is manufacturing brass electronics components like sockets, connectors, cord pins, adaptor pins. We are manufacturing electronic brass components as per customer’s requirement. We export brass electronics Components to India and as well as all over the world.

Product Range:

  • Brass BNC Connectors
  • Electronics Components
  • Electronics Connectors
  • Electronics Sockets
  • Electronics Pins
  • Electronics Adaptor Pins


  • As per Specification
  • Material

  • Free Cutting Brass IS 319 Type (I) or
  • Free Cutting Brass as per BS 249 Type (I) or
  • High Grade Free Cutting Brass.
  • Any Special Brass Material Composition as per customer’s requirement.


  • ISO metric (MM threads)
  • BA threads
  • BSW threads
  • UNC & UNF threads
  • Any Other as per specification
  • Threads as per International Go & Not Go Standards.

    Finishing and Plating:

  • Natural, Nickle Platted, Chrome Platted or any coating as per customer’s requirement.
  • Any Kind of Brass Gas Parts can be developed and supplied exactly as per customer’s specifications.